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Our Story

SKE Industries is the leading manufacturing company in its segment, which outlook operations with both local and global companies.

SKE Industries place a high value on commitment and investment in our people who contribute to the continued growth and vitalization of our business. It also adheres to a high value on a commitment to its clients whether they are based locally or globally. Innovation is woven into the fabric of our company. It will never stop striving to make the extraordinary happen in the future. We aim to deliver superior quality products at a minimum price.

SKE Industries has a heritage of over 20 years as a successful commercial manufacturing company. It makes a number of products including Locks, Lathes, Door Hinge, Tower Bolt, Corner Braces Etc.


Meet The Team

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Suresh Kumar Singhal

Founder & Chairman

SKE Industries, previously known as S.K. Enterprises found its traces from the late 90s founded by SURESH KUMAR SINGHAL as a Hardware Industry. From a small village boy of ‘Kaurah Rustampur’ To Graduation in L.L.B at Aligarh, he did everything along with managing the family business of Food Grain. Truly a man of high determination.

INDIA’s trade policy Reforms, initiated in the early 90s, have reduced the policy bias against exports and contributed to a considerable increase in exports, eventually making India a favorite export hub for the world. Mr. SINGHAL saw this opportunity, therefore laid a founding stone for S.K. Enterprises by producing record 10000 export quality tubular latches in a single day from simple machines.


Arpit Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO

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Our Co-Founder Arpit Agrawal Started transforming S.K.Enterprises into SKE Industries with his fine knowledge of Business Administration and Marketing. From the beginning of his career, he has showcased the immense potential for the development and expansion of SKE Industries. He has been committed to the forefront of markets that his company serves. He has accomplished all this by putting his customers first, a commitment that has guided the newly transformed SKE Industries. He had done all this through the continuous redefinition and reinforcement of new and existing products in the portfolio. He has ensured that by being a cost-effective alternative coupled with a rock-solid commitment to being customer-centric, the future looks bright in his able hands.

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